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My name is Oneil Randall, and as the founder of the Fitness Revolution Club, otherwise known as FitRev, I want to welcome you to our official website. We at FitRev are passionate about educating, motivating & leading families to better fitness and health. As holistic lifestyle coaches, we believe that fitness and health is a journey and we all must work towards it every single day! We owe it to ourselves to balance our stress-filled lives with daily physical activity, healthy food, and much needed down time.

I hope that you decide to join us on this venture, and allow FitRev to help you transform your life!

Warm regards,

O. Randall, CEO & Master Trainer

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We will provide you athletic-based training with accountability, direction and encouragement.

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Anyone who wants to achieve optimal fitness by following a custom-made exercise and nutritional plan that best suits your needs, limitations, and aspirations, give us a call for a free consultation!

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We offer programmes for companies, churches, schools… all organizations! Its time to take action and invest in the physical wellness, safety, and mental health of your employees.

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What our clients are saying

Realized I was gaining weight and my doctor also indicate to me that I needed to monitor my diet. I tried doing it on my own but it would constantly fluctuate. I eventually went and registered in a gym in 2012 a diet plan was given but it seems to be something they downloaded from the net; work out sessions were ok. I eventually stopped and was a little depressed and one day after going to the salon that one of my extended family operates. They saw me and was like “Dianne how yuh suh fat” I was like omg. That statement hit home… but still I wasn’t sure where to go. One afternoon I stopped by my sister’s office she told me about a Guzedo special with Fitrev on Facebook , she paid for both of us to attend. I started fitrev in November 2016 on the special and officially started in March 2017 and I have been a member since. The energy is amazing, the journey is not easy, and it takes alot of sacrifice, dedication, motivation and determination. The workout sessions are hard and crazy omg there were times I wanted to quit but my Fitrev family they are one in a million they are always saying “come on , you can do it” constantly cheering me on . Our coach as a passion for health and fittness, we had to post our meals dailey and if we missed a workout session instructions are sent to you, and a video or photos must be sent to him as evidence the work was done. We never saw the purpose for that at the time but we then realized it was to keep us in line which eventually becomes apart of us Within a month and a half I started seeing results. This is not a quick fix, it takes time and you must listen to coach O’Neil. It’s a life transformation journey. What I love the most it’s not a gym its a life style.

Dianne Williams

I like the intensity of the routines, I like how FitRev is very organized when it comes to ensuring my prescenses and I like the dedication of the trainers (big up Oneil).

Dean Williams Accountant, Women's Centre

I am so happy I met Oneil. I moved to Jamaica in March 2016 and started working out with him. I managed to lose inches, tone-up and remained consistent with ensuring to inhabit a healthy, active lifestyle. I am now in the best shape of my life, but I am so excited for what the future holds! FitRev to di world!

Kara Stevenson PR Consultant, Independent

I went to Jamaica on vacation after struggling with an ongoing weight loss battle. I was introduced to FitRev, which opened my eyes and my body up to a whole new level of intense exercise. I incorporated what I learned while being there into my daily routine and I’ve successfully lost a total of 30 pounds!! Thank you FitRev!!!

Krystine Young Tourist, Canada

I find I am not as lethargic as I used to be after lunch since I have been on the FitRev personal meal plan. I modify some things some times based on availability but I do not add to the plan. I have really noticed that I have way more energy to sit before my computer and crunch numbers. I used fight sleep every day, throughout the enitre day just like my colleagues. Going to upgrade the meal plan from diet to lifestyle. Thanks FitRev. Big Up yuhself Oneil.

Omar Reid Artist, Lifesong
FitRev has revolutionized how I feel about weight training and strength training if you can’t manage your own body weight for extended amount of time then there’s no reason for you to lift weights at all. It has also helped me with my diet and just understanding what to eat and when to eat it. FitRev is the best training facility that is training family. Anyone can join, and if you want to see results, GO TO FITREV!
Charles Hyatt Founder, Good News Jamaica